Lavon Logo Bloopers is a upcoming horror/satire film and also the directorial debut of Lavon Vonla. It will be the first ever Lavon Pictures feature film that will be produced by Lavon himself and perhaps other people in the coming future of this picture. It is unknown to what the plot really is about besides logo bloopers but according to the post credit cookie of Reptile V Crodra, it stated that Lavon will be in the film. Though it's unknown on what part of the film he take a role in. But despite what the post credit says, Lavon himself will NOT be the main character of the movie despite the name itself. A release date is still unknown but it's in pre-production at the time of this writing. On November 2nd of 2018, Lavon Media announced that VisionArts will have the part in the production. On the 31st of December of 2018 under a live action stunt that is streamed by Lavon himself under his Big Cat character and it's Big Cat show title that is now deleted, He announce that the movie may get either a summer or fall of 2020 release.